“I really wanted a community feel, working out in “solo” fashion was getting old.”

Meet Jill Lambert, one of the dedicated members of #team0530. Today she shares how CrossFit is helping her physically feel her best, and build her mental strength.

Tell us a little about yourself. Career? Family life? Let’s get to know you!
“Starting my 21st year in education, my team supports students with special needs in the MSD of Wayne Twp. I have two sons, Jackson and Connor, and one daughter, Bella. My husband, Darren is a saint.”

What made you consider joining a CrossFit gym?
“I had a missing component to my workout, it was weights, but I didn’t want that whole “lift in a mirror” scene. I really wanted a community feel, working out in “solo” fashion was getting old.”

CrossFit gym Brownsburg

Why did you choose CrossFit 317?
“My previous gym self destructed. Ashley welcomed me to my first class at 5:30 am, and Jake is a great coach who genuinely cares about his athletes. I knew they had strong tradition of coaching and training athletes.”

Please share some of your first impressions of the facility, the workouts, the coaching, and the class environment.
“I love the structure of the workouts. The community is fantastic, I have made some great friendships in the gym. The coaches all take the time to help me focus on small improvements, or to slow down, or to take a different approach, which I appreciate.”

What physical changes have you seen thus far?
“For me personally? I have managed to maintain a 15 pound weight loss for the last two years. It is not easy. I do feel as if CrossFit has taken “years” off my life. People are shocked when they ask how old I am.”

How has your training at CrossFit 317 impacted your life outside of the gym?
“It has developed my self confidence. My mental strength has improved, I approach my daily life in a much different capacity than before.”

What has surprised you the most about being part of the CrossFit 317 community?
“The kindness that the community shows to each other. I may not know everyone in the gym or workout with them, but there is a “connectedness” that all of us share and a common desire to be better human beings.”

Indianapolis, Avon, Zionsville

Did you have a moment where you knew CrossFit was for you?
“Jenna, Deanna, and I did a GLOC together, when we competed and had a deadlift max, I knew at that moment this was for me. To be surrounded by strong, confident women cheering you on, it was a great moment.”

What advice would you offer someone that’s considering CrossFit 317?
“To put your biases aside. Do not believe every myth you hear about CrossFit, it is so much more than throwing weights around. It is an investment in your personal health and that looks different for everyone. Try it, you might be surprised that you like it.”

Besides coming to class, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Any hobbies?
“I have recently discovered Podcasts. I also coach travel hoops for my son and daughter. I am patiently waiting for the newest season of Shameless to be released too!”

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