I’ve  been there. I’m at the grocery store picking up some food when I glance at a car in the parking lot and see the telltale sign. This car has a CrossFit 317 sticker. I have to find this person and say hi!

I’m leaving a hotel when I see a group of people all wearing t-shirts or jackets that say “Rogue” on the side. I have to stop myself from striking up conversation with my fellow warriors in the CrossFit culture battle or I hear the battle cry: “Femstrong!” and I immediately know they are part of my tribe.

It’s easy to spot a CrossFitter and more importantly, a CrossFit 317 member, and not just because most of us wear shirts emblazoned with the proud “CrossFit” logo on both sides. When you find them, you know you’ve found family. It’s like the way people from other cultures find each other and live next door in the United States, even if they don’t actually know each other. These are their people. And, friends, fellow CrossFitters and CrossFit 317 members are my people.


  1. They are repping their favorite area code (317) in the coolest gear around!

  2. If they’re a part of #team0530, they’re on their phone at 7pm each night when the WOD is posted….or they’re group texting their classmates talking trash about who’s going to win the WOD.

  3. They’re catching up on the latest popular TV show to make sure to be a part of tomorrow’s warm-up discussion. (#team900 or #team1200 anyone?)

  4. Their car is full of cans or boxed food because they are making their donation to the Food Drive!

  5. At the end of the workout, they are on their phone tracking their workouts….because for them, Beyond the Whiteboard is FREE! And how do we know if we’re getting better if we don’t know where we’ve been?

  6. They put equipment back exactly where they got it from…..we all know Coach Ashley’s OCD on being organized.

  7. They high five for a job well done! We all love suffering together when a high five is at the end of it all!

  8. They’re consistently writing on the PR board and getting stronger everyday!

  9. They’re used to getting weird looks from cars passing by….parking lot WODS!

  10. They don’t schedule anything until 11am on Saturdays—They know the best way to kick off the weekend is a partner WOD at 317!


So these are just a few of the CrossFit 317 trends I thought lovingly of when considering my fellow 317 family. Yes, CrossFitters have their own language and their own trends but they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and certainly a great inspiration for others to treat your body well and have fun doing it.

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