“I love the fact that they push us to the max”


We get to know CrossFit 317 member, Sasha Casilla a little better in this week’s Member Monday. Sasha was introduced to our gym by her friend and fellow CrossFit 317 member, Yoli Chambers and in late summer 2016, Sasha took the plunge and joined our Kick-Off program.

What were your first impressions upon joining CrossFit 317?
“Honestly, I was in love as soon as I saw the colors, I told my brothers I think I found my permanent home to workout! Oh yea and of course Yoli bugging me about when I was going to come! (LOL)”

How has your training at 317 impacted your life outside of the gym?
“I always say the soreness the next day, which is no big deal.”

How does CrossFit 317 meet your health and fitness needs?
“I do it for myself and to feel good, and to prevent any health issues in the future.”

Do you have a 317 memory that you would like to share?
“Yeah one of our coaches called our class the crazy class, but I’m pretty sure he meant the ‘fun class’. There are no sad moments in class for me (even when I fall!)”

What’s your favorite part of CrossFit?
“I like the way that our coaches show their dedication while we are in class. I love the fact that they push us to the max and I really enjoy and that even though I don’t admit to it (lol)!”

If asked to sum up 317 in one word or phrase, what would it be?
“Mi Casa”

Outside of the gym, what activities and hobbies do you enjoy?
“I love shopping and I enjoy playing basketball, softball and anything adventurous and crazy like skydiving! (other than that I’m kind of boring lol!!)”

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