There are over +12,000 CrossFit affiliates across the world and at CrossFit 317, we want to make sure that you have found the perfect fit when it comes to choosing the best facility suited for you! The 317 team understands that each member of our community is investing hard earned money into their fitness because they want to see change and progress, so we are going to bring our best to you each and everyday! You might be surprised to learn that some characteristics on your end that make our facility a good match has nothing to do with your current fitness level or ability.

1. Willing to take on a Challenge – Many of the movements that our CrossFit programming utilize are things that much of the population hasn’t come across. Weightlifting, gymnastics based movements, and body weight exercises are combined in ways that keep workouts challenging and exciting. No one will come in on their first day and be fully proficient at all the movements and

skills that are a part of the CrossFit repertoire. It’s the attitude of “I’m new but I’m ready to tackle what your throw my way.” that will go a long way. (Along with leaving your ego at the door.)

2. Having a Student Mindset – CrossFit classes put you right back in to a learning environment. Each day is a chance to learn new ways of moving your body, ways to correct poor movement patterns, and ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Our coaches coach and our goal is for members to be listening and learning as that is happening. This also rings true for learning more about your body. Do you need more work on mobility than you have ever done before? How about when your body asks for a rest day, do you listen?

3. Commitment to Consistency – Show up and trust the process. It’s that simple. An unused gym membership benefits no one. (Unlike some globo gyms, our goal is to have every one of our members in our facility, working out, and seeing awesome results!)  Sign up, show up, and get results.

4. Enjoy Getting To Know New People – CrossFit 317 is one of your “places”.  Our members benefit from the strong community that we foster. You’re only new for about five minutes, from there on out, you’re part of our ever-growing and ever-evolving community!

5. A Positive Attitude goes a long way – Workouts can be tough and there are going to be days that you aren’t happy with the outcome or feel as if things should have gone better. Workouts with a poor attitude are tougher. Ultimately we’re all in this together. Leave the stress of the day at the gym door, take an hour for yourself, and share some encouragement with your fellow class mates.

The entire CrossFit 317 team takes pride in what we are building and knows that we don’t just serve you as a fitness center. We are here for all aspects of your health and look forward to making each time you are in our facility, the best hour of your day!

March 15, 2017

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There are over +12,000 CrossFit affiliates across the world and […]
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