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“…he talked about it all day long and anyone new we saw he would say “guess what I did today… I did CrossFit! It was so cool! I’m really strong!” -Megan, mom to Carson, on his first experience at CrossFit 317

Peek in to the back room at 10:30 on Saturday mornings and you’ll see a group of smiling faces as they practice new skills, move objects, and race against the clock. It’s not much different than what’s going on in the front room. Except these smiling faces belong to kids as young as 4. They may not be able to spell CrossFit, but they’re doing it each week under the watchful eye of Coach Ian.

While we can tell you about all the reasons why CrossFit is a great foundational base for kids, we thought it would be fun for you to hear directly from some of its youngest fans and their parents. Warning: There’s some adorable replies ahead.

Why were you interested in attending the CrossFit 317 Kids Class?
“I knew that my mom did it and I wanted to get more stronger and be like my mom.” -Carson, age 7
“I was just so excited to go because mommy does it so I wanted to do it too!” -Brooklyn, age 4

What did you think when you learned that you would be doing a class?
“I was really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really excited. I was so excited that I cried!” -Carson
(Side note from the CrossFit 317 team: We can verify his adorable, emotional reaction. We were so flattered by his excitement!)
“I would train more things.” -AJ
“I was just so excited because I was so excited.” -Brooklyn

What is your favorite part of the class?
“Running through the cones!” -Brooklyn
“Do you know those ropes on there? Yeah! I like that place.” -AJ, age 4
“The game. There is a different game every time. This time it was ‘Trash pick up’. You have to keep the ball on the spoon. If you drop it you have to do 5 jumping jacks, then you have to carry weights down to the other end, then you have to do the bear crawl with a ball, and last you have to crawl in a plank position with your feet dragging on slidey things. Each time you have to do a burpee at the end.” -Carson

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Is there something that you learned about in CrossFit Kids that you would like to teach to your friends?
“Planks but we did lots of different things I’d teach them.” -Brooklyn
“To do somersaults.” -AJ
“Yes, shoulder presses!” -Carson

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Parents, would you recommend our kids program to other parents?
“Yes – Coach Ian is so great with the kids and it’s a great way for them to learn about crossfit, burn off some energy all while you can get a workout in too, if you want to!” -Julie, mom to Brooklyn
“Yes! Especially for the price. It’s really convenient to just pay as you go instead of having to sign up for a 6-12 week session. Kids are unpredictable at this age and it’s nice to not feel tied down to the program. But also it’s great to be able to drop in for it if we’re in town and he’s up for it!” -Jen, mom to AJ
“Absolutely! This is a great program and a wonderful community for our kids to be a part of as they grow up!” -Megan, mom to Carson

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