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Congrats Brian on being our next Athlete of the Month

My name is Brian Badman and I was born and raised in South Bend, IN.

Despite attending Indiana University for both undergraduate and medical school, I bleed blue and gold and am a die-hard Notre Dame Football fan (partly because of growing up watching football with my grandma but also because IU football just plain sucks!). I have been married to my beautiful bride, Grace, for almost 13 years and we have three ornery children named Alex, Joshua and Skylar. I am an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder and elbow reconstruction and this year I became the third person in Indiana to ever be inducted into the American Shoulder and Elbow Society. I did my residency training in Gainesville, FL so when the Irish are doing poorly we also root for the Gators, thus the sticker on the back of my wife’s truck. When not consumed by work, which sometimes seems constantly, I enjoy seeing movies and eating out with Grace and spending time with my kids.

Crossfit Involvement:

I started Crossfit ironically soon after a patient came to me for a torn rotator cuff that he sustained while doing Crossfit. (his name will remain anonymous but we all know who he is) I have always enjoyed going to the gym and working out but I became the typical creature of habit and would often times do the same motions over and over which typically correlated to chest, bicep and tricep exercises and maybe a jog on the treadmill for my legs. I also did and still own every home workout known to man (Insanity, Tapout, Suzanne Sommer’s, etc, etc). I was getting bored, my gut was getting bigger and I figured I needed a change…enter Crossfit317.

First WOD Experience:

Well to state I have an addictive personality would be an understatement, but the first time I was put on the clock and was competing with a group of people, many half my age, I was hooked. As I reinforce to my wife, there are much worse things that a 40 year old guy can get hooked on than Crossfit to ail a midlife crisis! I don’t recall the exact WOD but do remember that I was covered in sweat, my heart was pounding and I felt I had just completed one kickass workout…and I wanted to come back and do it again the next day.

First Crossfit317:

I started coming to CrossFit317 in the spring of 2013. I have been doing Crossfit for 1.5 years now. When I started my waist was a 34. I just had to buy new pants as my waist is now a 31. Same weight 178 just smaller waist and bigger ass.


This is the first and only box I have belonged to.

When did I realize Crossfit was right for me?

The very first WOD as mentioned. I also saw very quick results and liked the fact that the workouts varied throughout the week. It was always different.

Short Term Goals:

My short and long term goals of Crossfit are really to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy eating way too much so working out for me facilitates a hearty diet. I also want to keep my seamstress busy so would like to see my legs get stronger as I have historically always neglected my legs. Other goals would be to compete in further Master’s competitions, possibly be regionally competitive at the Master’s level and to reduce the number of F-bombs dropped during a squat or lunge workout.

Biggest Accomplishment:

In life, my biggest accomplishment is my family.

In work, my biggest accomplishment would be the rebuilding of my practice into a 5- person group when the naysayers said I could not do it.

Favorite WOD/Movement:

WOD: Chelsea (she’s in my wheelhouse)
Movement: Overhead Squat (I don’t know why)

Least favorite:

Anything that has to do with front or back squats or lunges!


I am an orthopedic surgeon specializing in fixing Crossfit Shoulder Injuries. I am fellowship trained in shoulder and elbow reconstruction but I still do some knee surgery and some basic fracture care as well. My love however is the shoulder including shoulder replacement, rotator cuff repair, labral repair and fracture work.


I enjoy drawing, fishing and watching movies. I also am a big music fan and enjoy listening to all types of music except country (my only exception being Carrie Underwood preferably on mute). My current favorite band is Kings of Leon but I grew up being a huge fan of the Beastie Boys, Violent Femmes and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Paleo or Zone:

I currently eat whatever is in front of me or whatever my wife makes. We tend to eat very healthy but I would not say it is truly Zone or Paleo. We eat a lot of chicken and fish and steamed veggies. I did do a 30 day Paleo challenge and lost 8 pounds. I love bread and cookies however and don’t have much willpower. Life is too short to eat like a caveman!

Favorite Paleo Meal:

I like Arties sweet potatoes and BBQ pork

Favorite NonPaleo Meal:

Bazbeaux Pizzza’


Yes, I dabble. I typically use the GNC house brand of pre and post work out recovery drink mix. I also supplement with protein powder twice a day .

Three fun facts:

I can draw very well and do very good pencil sketches of portraits. I cannot draw from my head but if given a photograph I can replicate it almost exactly. I did a large drawing for Grace of one of my favorite pictures of her on our wedding day which is hanging in our house.

I have attended the last 7 of 8 Santa Pub Crawls with my best friends in Atlanta. I historically come as one of Santa’s Pimps and get decked to the nines. It benefits Toys for Tots so I use the excuse annually to Grace that I am helping out the kids by attending.

I won my bid for my fraternity because I was able to chug beer faster than anyone else in the house. I can also make myself throwup on the spot which was another good party trick I used to perform but abandoned as I became a professional and more mature (wink wink)☺

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Congrats Brian on being our next Athlete of the Month […]
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