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Congrats Ian on being our next Athlete of the Month

I am a single, father of three keeping it live in Central Indiana. I played football in high school which got me into weightlifting and I have been into it ever since. I used to powerlift competitively before I burnt out of training by myself all the time.

I got involved in CrossFit because 10th Street and 21st Street were closed on the Westside causing me to reroute my journey down US 136 right by CrossFit 317. I have been interested in the sport since watching the Games in 2011. It peaked my interest with some of the workouts that were programmed. It seemed like pure madness.

My first WOD was the Saturday immediately following my kickoff classes. We did a partner version of Half-Bull. 200 Double unders (which I couldn’t do), 50 overhead squats (which I had never tried), 50 pull-ups (which I also couldn’t do), and a 1 mile run. I made the genius idea of choosing a teenage girl as my partner (Erin) and she carried our team amazingly and also put into perspective where I stood in my CrossFit career. We actually finished the workout first, no thanks to me.

I started coming to CrossFit 317 in August of 2014.

This is the first CrossFit I have worked out at and I have now been doing Crossfit for 6 months.

I knew almost instantly that CrossFit was the right fit for me after that first workout. I love to be pushed in workouts to my limits, I love Olympic lifting, and I loved the camaraderie from the very beginning. People enjoy being in the box and each other’s company. It’s one of the most welcoming environments I have ever been in.

My main short-term goal and the reason I joined a CrossFit gym from the beginning is Operation Six Pack. Some other goals I have are to snatch 225 and clean and jerk 315. I like solid 45s on the bar, what can I say.

My long-term goals would be to be able to consistently Rx every workout. The more I get into more difficult programming, the more I want to have the skills to do every workout. I would like to enter an event once I’m confident with all my skills.

My biggest accomplishment in CrossFit is being able to go through workouts for the second time and seeing my ability to complete them, for one, and improve times for many of those. In life, it would be my kids. As ill prepared as I was going into parenting, my kids are pretty awesome. They listen well and they impress me with their incite.

My favorite WOD is anything with a barbell complex. I particularly liked the deadlift+hang clean+front squat+jerk complex. I can’t say I have a least favorite WOD, I just have WODs that I suck at and they usually include something with double unders. My favorite movements are any form of clean or squat. I’m just built for those lifts. My least favorite is believe it or not, double unders. I will get them, but they are currently my nemesis.

My profession is a TAB technician / HVAC commissioning agent. In essence, I make sure Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment is operating at the design specifications in commercial buildings. I worked on Lucas Oil Stadium, the Hinkle Fieldhouse Renovation, and the new Eskenazi Hospital.

My hobbies outside of CrossFit are reading fiction, I’m a big Vonnegut and Palahniuk fan, hiking, playing any kind of Frisbee related sport, and playing board games. I meet some friends every Sunday night to play board games and outdoor sports in nicer weather and if I can get them active.

I do not eat Paleo and I do not know what Zone is. I eat primarily organic. I have an true affinity for Georgetown Market. I have looked into paleo diets, but the lack of cheese allowed is disconcerting.

I could not tell you what paleo/non-paleo meals I have eaten and know the difference of. I’m a fan of nearly every food. I like a good, spicy chili, extra sharp cheddar cheese, steaks (porterhouse in particular), and some quiche to name a few.

I do not take any supplements currently. I always drink Progenex Recovery after workouts and I take fish oil every day.

Three fun facts about me are that I am insanely gifted at trivia games, I have a memory like an elephant, which is also my favorite animal, and I’m one of those rare gifts from God that can be thrown into any social situation and find a way to not only become comfortable but make others around me comfortable with my presence. I also have a smile that just lights up a room!

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