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I grew up in Indianapolis and went to Ben Davis High School. During my time at Ben Davis I earned honors in soccer and track and graduated in the Top 30 of my class. Xavier University recruited me to play soccer and in 2009 I appeared in sixteen matches includes 12 starts as a freshman, but in 2010 I had to red-shirt due to a torn ACL. I currently teach 6th grade Math at East Middle School in Brownsburg. Recently I bought a house in Brownsburg and I am quickly learning all of the fun responsibilities that come along with home ownership.

How did you get involved in CrossFit?

Coach James is the reason I started crossfit. After college we were hanging out with high school friends and I was complaining about being bored with Insanity workouts and running on my own. He then told me all about CrossFit and that I should give it a try. So after receiving a text message a day for two weeks about if I was going to join, I finally came to Crossfit317.

What was your first WOD/experience?

My first WOD was an ascending ladder by 3 of clean-and-jerk and toes-to-bar. I was able to RX my first workout and signed up for a membership right after I was able to breathe again.

When did you start coming to CrossFit 317?

January of 2014 was when I first came to Crossfit317.

Is this the first CrossFit you’ve worked out at / how long have you been CrossFitting for?

Crossfit317 is the only gym I have been at and I have been there for a little over a year now.

When did you realize that CrossFit was right for you?

I was addicted to crossfit right after the first workout. I love the community, workout-variation, and the constant pushing/competitiveness that crossfit provides.

What are you short-term and long-term CrossFit goals?

My short-term goals:
– 10 unbroken butterfly pull-ups
– 2 consecutive muscle ups
– handstand walks

My long-term goals:
– compete at regionals as a team

What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment in crossfit is finishing 211 in the central east region in the 2015 open.

What is your favorite / least favorite WOD/movement?

Favorite WOD: Isabel (30 snatches at 95 lbs)
Least Favorite WOD: Karen (150 Wallballs)
Favorite Movement: Power Cleans
Least Favorite Movement: Rowing

What do you do for a profession outside of CrossFit?

As mentioned previously, I am a 6th grade math teacher at Brownsburg East Middle School.

What are your hobbies outside of CrossFit?

Outside of crossfit I am busy juggling after-school-tutoring, cleaning and landscaping houses, and coaching soccer. I am an assistant coach for Westside United Soccer Club with a girls U12 team and U19 team. I also have 3 nephews and 1 niece that keep me very busy as well.

Do you eat Paleo or Zone?

I do not eat Paleo or Zone. I have completed the Whole 30 diet for a strict 30 days.

What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal is a toss up between Chick-fil-a, O’Charleys, or Subway.

Do you use any supplements?

I use zero supplements? Only things I use consistently for every workout are chalk and gloves. I have been self-diagnosed with Sweaty Hand Syndrome. 🙂

Give me 3 fun facts about you!

A couple fun facts:
– I cannot touch my toes with my legs straight.
– I get angry/quiet when I am hungry.

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