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My name is Jason Gunn and i’m 29 years old.

I have an awesome family, my wife Nikki, step daughter Autumn, and son Jaxon. I work at Steel Dynamics in Pittsboro.

When did you start CrossFit? When did you start at CrossFit317? What brought you to CrossFit317?

I started CrossFit a little over a year ago for about 6 months. I then started CrossFit317 about 6 months later. Originally started CrossFit317 because I didn’t have to travel so far to the gym, but after working out there a few times I realized what an awesome group of people they were. It makes working out fun instead of feeling like a job.

What is your favorite workout at CrossFit317 or your favorite movement to work on?

My favorite workout is Fran, and my favorite lifting move is the Snatch.

What has CrossFit provided you with such as successes or opportunities to take your fitness out of the gym?

The movements used in Crossfit transfer over to everyday life. Which in turn makes me feel better at the end of a work day, and not so wore out.

Advice to beginners?

Don’t set your goals to high when you start. Set small goals that are possible to reach. It will help you not get discouraged and give up.

January 28, 2013

Jason Gunn – Athlete of the Month

My name is Jason Gunn and i’m 29 years old. […]
January 5, 2013

Athlete of the Month

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